Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oregon, Home Sweet Home!

I am WAY behind, so I'll just start with the present.  We are now all together in Oregon-soon to be moved into our new Oregon home.  : )  David keeps saying that in some ways it feels like he has never been away, so that must be a good thing.  Home sweet home.  : )  The boys are happy and doing well, and have had non-stop cousin/grandparent/aunt and uncle fun all summer.  The day after David joined us here in Oregon (Labor Day) we went on a hike at the BEAUTIFUL Silver Creek Falls state park.  At one point I made the mistake of saying to David, "Who needs Disneyland?," because the boys were having so much fun.  Well, I didn't mean it!  We STILL need to go to Disneyland at some point.  : )  In the meantime, it is amazing at how happy three little boys are with rocks, sticks, and some water!  Fun times, I tell you.  These boys fill my heart with joy and gratitude!

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