Sunday, September 21, 2008

Temple trip

Our ward went to the temple in Chicago yesterday and we were able to take Benjamin with us. I am so grateful for the familiar spirit of the temple, I know that it's the closest we can get to where we came from, and our spirits recognize that! Elder Perry was in the temple, we saw him visiting with the temple president. We had a fun ride to the temple and back on a bus with many other members of our ward. It was actually very comfortable and the kids did very well-there were a lot of kids on the bus! We had babysitters waiting for us at a stake center close to the temple, Sister Swartz--our neigbor and relief society president--organized it all. She's an amazing lady. Here are some pictures we took outside the temple. It was a wonderful day.


I really do not like spiders, but I had a morbid fascination with this spider that had an intricate web in our front flower bed. I looked for it every time I went in or out the front door and it never moved from it's spot until there was a big rainstorm. I looked it up--it's a garden spider and is not dangerous. You're never going to convince me to get close to it, though!

Football fever!

We love football season. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and BYU football is part of the reason. : ) The cougars are doing great this year, 4 wins and the last two games have been shut-outs. GO COUGARS! I'll have to get Benjamin doing the cougar fight song on video and post it on the blog.

We went a week ago to a Purdue/University of Oregon football game with Janeece and Dusty and Ritch and Lindsay Perry. That was an exciting game, Purdue lost in double overtime! We had a fun time seeing some of the Purdue football game traditions--there are a lot of train whistle noises. We're the Purdue Boilermakers--Boiler up! The marching band performed at halftime with the "World's Largest Drum!" Well, on Friday night we just happened to be driving by a parking lot where the drum was in the back of a truck. We pulled over and got a picture with the drum and talked to the band members. It weighs 500 pounds in it's carriage and 6 guys handle it during performances. WOW! They said it really is the world's largest drum. Maybe so. Guess we need to check the Guiness Book of World Records. Anyway, here's a picture:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're up!

We are very excited to have our profile up on the LDS Family servies website. We are so blessed to have Benjamin in our lives and look forward to bringing more children into our family! This fast Sunday, September 7, we will be fasting in particular about adoption and invite all family members/friends to join us. Birth mothers need so much love, support, and guidance as they are making difficult decisions and we know that prayer and fasting can help! Our prayer is that a special birth mother will be guided to our family and will have a confirmation of the spirit as she chooses our family.

Check our our profile at and click on search adoption profiles. Our profile name is davidandsheri. We can change our profile, so we really are open to input from loved ones. : ) Hope that everybody has a great day!