Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time in Idaho Falls

The last part of our trip, and the majority of it, was spent at my parents house in Idaho Falls.

This is our new niece Kenzie, my sister Katie's 3rd sweet baby.
Benjamin and the cousins had a great time on a slip-n-slide at Grandma's house.
Sisters (Laura and I), Sisters (Hailey and Nicole-nieces)

Benjamin giving Nicole a love, I'm not sure if she was excited about it.

Benjamin and I with my wonderful grandparents.

Benjamin with his Grandma and Grandpa Sanders.

Saying goodbye to cousins Hailey and Nicole.

4th of July in Soda Springs and Grace

I grew up in Soda Springs, Idaho, and my sister lives just 15 minutes away from there. After Glen's wedding we drove to Grace and we got to spend the 4th of July in Soda Springs. The morning started with a fabulous parade, a Soda Springs tradition, which basically consists of a lot of people throwing candy to the kids. Benjamin learned early on that, if you just smile and wave, your charms will get you an extra large heap of candy tossed in your direction. It was SOOO fun to watch him. Then we went to the park, where festivities are going on for a lot of the day. We got to see some great friends and I absolutely LOVE that hometown feeling. Soda Springs was THE best place to grow up and visiting there does wonders for my spirit. We had a fun barbecue at the Johnson's house (my sister's family) and enjoyed a great fireworks show.

Benjamin and cousins are ready for the parade!

Congratulations, Glen and Bekah!!!

Glen and Rebekah Jones were married on July 3rd in the Twin Falls, Idaho, temple. It was a most beautiful day, and incredibly special because my parents were in the temple with their five children and their spouses. What a blessing!

Trip to Idaho

We made a trip to Idaho for my brother Glen's wedding. These pictures are of our time in Utah before we headed to Idaho.

We got to meet up with Uncle Stephen for lunch and had a nice time visiting with him.

We got to visit my dear friends Katie and Karalenn. It was fun, because Katie has three boys and Karalenn has three girls. : ) They both have beautiful families and it was GREAT to see them. (This picture is Karalenn's family.)

This is Benjamin with his "Aunt Angel." : ) Angel was my roommate at BYU and we became the best of friends, we are each other's #1 fans. She is the best and always so good to us when we come through Utah.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Columbus Zoo

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert in Cincinatti

We got to catch a live performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Cincinatti and enjoyed every minute of the lovely evening. As you can see in the last picture, Benjamin was working it with the ladies.

Dayton Adventures

So, I'm way behind on updating this blog, but we've had a great summer in Dayton, Ohio. David has been doing researching at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and has been loving it! We are heading back to Lafayette next week, and we're excited to get home.

We've gone on some fun camping trips this summer, we've enjoyed swimming at the apartment complex, and Benjamin and I have had fun at the nearby playgrounds.

These pictures are from a hike that we went on in some "hills" of Ohio. It was very beautiful.

Here are some fun pictures from a camping trip.

Janeece and her boys came to visit us and Benjamin and Karl were so happy to see each other. We've missed them!

This is a C119, a plane that David's Grandpa Hawman flew. The National Air Force Museum is here at the air force base. It is HUGE and very impressive. We've had fun checking it out. Benjamin loves the planes and is excited that dad works at the "air space".