Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peru-Day 1

Over Thanksgiving week we were able to make a trip to Peru to visit David's parents, who are serving as mission president/mom of the Lima Peru North mission.  It was WONDERFUL to see them, and the first thing I felt when we entered their mission home, besides the spirit there!, was "How could we NOT have come here!"  It was so great to see so many things and to hear about the experiences that they're having.  It will always be a very important three years of their lives, and we are grateful that we got to experience a small portion of it with them!  : )  It will always allow us to picture and understand what they are talking about when they share their mission with us.  (And I really felt like it helped me understand my parent's experience in some way, too.  They are serving a temple mission in the Philippines.  Unfortunately, I think we've met our international travel quota for awhile!)

We arrived in Lima at around midnight and, unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the reunion or trip to Lima.  The flights were fairly uneventful on the way there, the boys did quite well.  Seeing David's parents was VERY VERY exciting, it had been over 2 1/2 years.  We were giddy as we walked through the airport to find them.  They met Preston for the first time and got to see Hunter for the first time since he was a tiny baby.  We got back to the mission home and slept well until morning.

Preston exploring the mission home...
 Grandma knew the way to Benjamin's heart...
 Sharing some Peruvian jewelry and teaching me some about the culture...
 Marta, the pensionista is a GREAT lady.  : )
   These bracelets are made from tagua seeds, which come from "ivory" palms.  When dried out, it can be carved just like elephant ivory; it is often used for beads,buttons, figurines and jewelry, and can be dyed. 
 So David's parents had just gotten back from a trip where they had been able to visit a native village.  They women wore these lovely beaded, ummm--coverings?  Guess this is all they wore.
 This beautiful nativity is an absolute work of art!!!  The picture can't do it justice, it is just gorgeous.
 This is the second trip of the day to a nearby park, or green space.  : )  They live on the 21st floor of a high rise building, in a large city-so green spaces are the place to go for little boys.  : )

 Part of this building, at least--maybe all of it, was the MTC in Peru when David's dad served his mission as a young man.  Across the street was the mission office where her served as an assistant.  It was really fun to see places that he walked as an Elder!

 Hunter loved to play Don't Eat Pete.  : )

Carriage Hill

Impromptu stop at a historical farm that is close to our house...
Preston proudly displaying his shoe.  : )
Hunter just daring you to kiss those cheeks!!! 
 For all family members, I know that you would if you could!

1st Annual Adoption Celebration Walk

FSA (families supporting adoption) held our first annual adoption celebration walk the first weekend in November.  It was a lot of fun and it feels great to celebrate adoption with people whose lives have also been touched by this miracle.  : )

Happy Halloween

Benjamin's Halloween Party at school...

The most adorable bat...

A skunk you just have to love...

And superman!!!


We had a fun pumpkin carving party with some friends in the ward...

Handsome boys...

Family bowling party...

Preston's Birthday!!!

Look who's 1!!!  Preston's birthday was October 15th and we had a wonderful family day, including time at the park and spaghetti dinner that Preston LOVED.  Because of his allergies I made a chocolate oatmeal cake.  It was an interesting recipe with no egg or milk, but he didn't seem to mind.   : )  Preston has the best laugh and big, gorgeous brown eyes.  He loves to be with his brothers and is already learning to 
"wrestle" with dad and brothers.  He was taking steps by one, but not fully walking.  He got so proud and excited that he'd get weak and fall to the ground.  : )  We are so grateful for this beautiful little boy and count our blessings every single day.   

We definitely remembered and celebrated the courage of Marisol, who we love dearly.  Who can look at this picture and not admire her and recognize pure love and sacrifice?  Her pure love has blessed our family beyond measure, and we fully reciprocate that love!
What a beautiful baby boy!  These are precious moments with him that we will treasure forever.