Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Benjamin's loving his new scooter. We had fun at a park the day after Christmas and he rode it for quite awhile!

The Rocket

Benjamin wanted a rocket for Christmas more than anything. So Dad worked his magic and came up with this... *(Make sure you watch the video clip.)

Christmas Morning

I have a great little video clip but it's barely too big to upload on blogger. Too bad, but here are a few pictures of Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve

These pictures didn't turn out great--I need to play around with the setting on our camera, I know Stephen and Shara. : )
The last few pictures are of our annual tradition of making veggie trays to take to people. We put dip in the middle and the veggies are pretty. WE figure people get a lot of cookies, etc. so they might like some veggies to munch on. (Don't get me wrong, we did make fun Christmas cookies, too.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cookie-Decorating Day at Preschool

These are pictures from cookie-decorating day at preschool last week. Each child got to decorate a dozen cookies to take home to their families. A few other moms and I were there to help out. The kids were adorable and so proud of themselves.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, 5 year old Benjamin!!!! : )

Our sweet little Benjamin turned 5 years old yesterday! We can hardly believe it, and count our blessings every single day for this amazing boy. He is an absolute joy and we love to see his observant, kind, giving heart at work all of the time. Very few people get away with leaving our home without some "gift" from Benjamin. : ) We ended up having a party with a few families that are dear friends and had a bowling theme. I was in charge of the cake, and David worked out all of the details of the bowling party with Benjamin. They spent Saturday afternoon spray-painting 2 liter bottles and juice bottles white (we had several saved for water storage) and then used black Duck tape to make the stripes. David marked the spot for each pin on the garage floor and set up bowling lanes using string. He even borrowed heaters from a neigbor to warm the garage up. Each child was given three pennies. One was to pay for the bowling, one was to rent shoes (mostly David's big shoes) and one was to buy popcorn. It was SOOO fun and they all loved it. (We had waffles for dinner-Benjamin's request.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!!!

We are in the full holiday spirit here. Today we made candy countdown chains--a fun tradition started by Aunt Janeece. We got our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving at a small tree farm where we got to choose and cut down our own tree. It's been so fun! : ) Bring on the Christmas music and everything else! One of these evenings I'll try to go outside and get a picture of our outside lights. We had a fun bonfire/hot chocolate and lighting ceremony (David plugs in all of the outside lights while we ooh and aah in front of the house) while Brian and Debbie were here. I LOVE this time of year.
Hunter just mostly ate candy--not much help with the chain yet. : )
This is the "saw" that Ben made with some cardboard and a butterknife.

Goofy boys...