Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lake Michigan Vacation, Benjamin's perspective

We went on a great vacation to Warren Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan. The best part was that Uncle Dusty, Aunt Janeece, cousins Karl and Phillip were there. This is a picture of me with my best buddy Karl on a bug hunt.We had a lot of space to play tag, soccer, and baseball. The important thing was we got to do a lot of running.

My dirty face tells you just how much fun I had.So, there is a really steep and high sand dune called Mt. Randall. Karl and I both climbed to the top of it all by ourselves. Then we kept hiking all the way out to the beach. We tackled it!

Riding on a log is fun and everything, but....
I'm out of here, dad!
We all took turns being buried in the sand and I loved it! I laughed and laughed. Dad got really buried, but he was very strong when he broke out of the sand.

Karl wanted a "red treat" for climbing to the top of the dune and I wanted a "blue treat." Dad found a fruit stand and got red plums for Karl and blueberries for me. Yummy!
We went on a little drive to the city of St. Joseph and had a great time exploring. Here are some pictures of me at a fun park that we found on the beach.

We went to a great ice cream parlor in St. Joseph and I got some "Superman" ice cream. It was very colorful, so of course I picked it. (Mom didn't think it tasted very good.)
I was ready to drive mom and dad home, but I guess I'll have to wait a few years before I can do that. : )