Friday, September 30, 2011

Green Beans

Today we went to the store and they had huge bags of green beans for a great price. I was excited to freeze some beans, so I bought some. I figured it would be a great project for the boys and I. Well, let's just say that there are green beans ALL over the kitchen and some little boys whose stomaches are full of green beans. Anyway, I don't have a picture, but hooray for green beans and all projects that don't go quite the way we think they should.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calm moment...

Both boys actually got settled in with some good books for awhile. So cute!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So glad when Daddy comes home...

Last night I took a few pictures--the boys sitting outside in their chairs waiting for Dad and mobbing him when he got home. I may be speaking for David, but I'm sure it's the best part of his day. : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

My new resolve...

David's parents are serving a mission in Lima, Peru right now and my parents are reporting to the MTC on October 17th to serve in the Cebu Phillipines temple. Beyond that, we have some birth mothers that we love dearly and who are always happy to see pictures of our boys. Not to mention all of the aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that don't live close. SO, with all of this in mind I have a new resolve. My challenge to myself is to post a picture a day. Please visit our blog often to enjoy, and feel free to encourage me back into action if I start to slack. : ) We love all of you!

Today's picture: Last week I made it home from the store with a large package of toilet paper. In short order Benjamin had the package open and rolls scattered around the kitchen. Hunter got a HUGE kick out of this and started to build towers. They had a great time building with rolls of toilet paper. Once I got Benjamin to start cleaning it up I went into the other room and started to vacuum. He came into the room to tell me that Hunter was being his helper. Right on cue Hunter came trotting into the room behind him, flashed me his winning smile and help up a roll of toilet paper like it was a trophy. I LOVE those moments!!! : )

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Days...

We've had some big first days. Today was Hunter's first day at nursery (at church). He loved it and had no problems (except for the need for a diaper change.) : ) He is such a delight to have around and his personality is just shining through more each day. He has a charming smile, and can also give the cheesiest grin you've ever seen. He is a big tease and has the best laugh. He can say mom, uh oh, cat, hat, hot, look and there are other words I've heard one time. We love this nursery boy!
Here is a picture of Benjamin's first day of preschool. He started a few weeks ago, so this is a bit late. This boy is an absolute joy and is FULL of life. He loves preschool and is doing so many great things. One special thing about Benjamin is that he is a seriously thoughtful little boy. He notices so many things (and has an amazing memory). He's a kind, helpful older brother who feels that it's his mission in life to make Hunter laugh--and he does that very well.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mum Festival Parade

Our ward had a float in the "Mum Festival" parade in Tipp City. We had so much fun and the boys did a great job staying happy through the whole thing. Hunter was smiling and waving at people like a champ. : ) November is family month, and the idea was to promote spending time together as a family. Each family from our ward that participated was to represent something they enjoy as a family. It was great. We had families riding bikes together, playing baseball together, camping together, etc. We dressed up for Sunday, hoping to promote Sunday as a family day. Yeah for families!!!!!! (AND we got the "Queen's Choice" award. That's right, the mum festival queen liked our float the best.) : )

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Air Force Half-Marathon

David headed to the air force base bright and early to participate in the air force half marathon. He did so well-with a time of 1:29 and 36 seconds. Amazing!!! Don't ask him today when he's going to do another one. : ) Here are some pictures---there are 13,000 participants, so it's a big one. The boys and I were there to cheer him on. There were some other people from our ward there, too--so that's who's in the group picture with us.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Uncle Stephen's Visit

David's younger brother, Stephen, has been here for the past week and we have had a fantastic time. He has helped out with some projects in the yard, made salsa for us (and canned it), and we've taken him to some of our favorite places in Dayton. Here are a few pictures...

Carriage Hill is an old working farm/park that is close to our house. The boys helped Stephen build a great block tower. I love the picture of Hunter trying to climb the tree after him. Yes, he's got two nephews here who want to do everything he does. : )

These next pictures were taken at the Columbus Z00. It's a great zoo and we went on a perfect day. My favorite were the baby gorillas that we saw. Unfortunately, no picture of that.

Benjamin wanted his picture taken with every statue--this hammerhead shark picture is for Karl. : )
This morning we went to the National Air Force Museum. Hunter loved being an astronaut!

I LOVE these boys!!!!!!! We can't wait for Preston to join us. : ) (Yes, they look a little rough. Benjamin had a minor eye surgery to fix a blocked oil duct. Then there was a jogging stroller incident which left them a bit scraped up.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Minivan Family!!!!!!!

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new (to us) Toyota Sienna. YEAH!!!!! We are much MORE thrilled to announce what it means--we needed a vehicle with more room!!! Yes, that's right, there is a third Blunck boy on the way.
Preston will be his name, and our birth mom
Marisol is due on October 9th.
(We love you Marisol!!!)

Man's Outing

So several months ago I got the idea of taking the boys camping every fall in an effort to create a tradition they (and I) look forward to every year. Friday afternoon Stephen (my brother who is in town), myself, and the "boys" drove off to explore Ohio. Here are the highlights from our awesome trip.

1) Sticks are great
We started hiking and had gone no more than 20 feet and Benjamin found the best stick in the whole forest. Twenty feet further and he found the second best stick in the forest. Fortunately for us we only had a mile to hike before dark .... Ben quickly realized that he was not going to be able to carry all of sticks so he tried to recruit me. The thought of me carrying Hunter, a pack with gear, and an armful of sticks was not appealing. So Ben went to plan B, as shown in the picture. I have to admit I was proud. For any concerned females reading this post the patch over Benjamin's eye was to keep dirt out of it. He has a blocked oil duct which a doctor drained.

2) Uncles are awesome
It was lots of fun having Stephen camp with us. He was a great sport to pack in with us, help set up camping, and play with the boys. Benjamin loved the "swords" which he carved out of wood and Hunter would toddle around following him. Stephen was even good enough to eat our scrambled pancakes with melted Hershey bars ... oh the joys of camping.

3) Boys love the outdoors
Saturday morning we went for a hike in the area around the camp. We climbed up the revene which surrounded out campsite and found another trail. We had lots of fun exploring fallen trees, finding a frog, walking along game trails, finding more awesome sticks, and learning about the world around us. At the top of the revene we found this rotten tree stump :). Think My Side of the Mountain ..... just smaller.


4) A Trip to Remember
Nothing says that the boys had a great time better than the look of their faces on the drive home.....

We had a wonderful experience! I am so grateful that Sheri was so supportive, my brother was able to come, and most importantly for my two wonderful boys. I am already looking forward to next year.