Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break!!!!

Although Benjamin's not in school yet, we had a FABULOUS Spring Break week with Aunt Debbie and cousins Haley, Nicole and Owen. It was Hailey's spring break, so we all had a party. They drove from New Jersey and we loved every minute that we were able to have them in Ohio! We had a lot of fun going to the Air Force Museum and visiting some historical aviation sites in Dayton (the Wright Brothers lived here). After seeing six of the sights the kids got some bears. Yeah!!! We also went to a very neat park (Carriage Hill) close to our house where we saw a lot of farm animals and learned about life on the farm in the early 1900's.

Our biggest excursion was a visit to the Cincinatti Zoo. We had so much fun, and the kids even got to feed a giraffe. Check out the LONG tongue!
These last two pictures are just some fun cousins pictures. I love the first one because they're all snuggling with the blankets Grandma Sanders made them.

Random April Pictures

At the National Air Force Museum you can get your picture taken in a spacesuit. We have several pictures of Ben in the spacesuit, because he's been there several times. : )

Hunter and dad. Hunter is so much fun right now, learning to wave and do so many things. We love this sweet boy!

Benjamin had the experience of a lifetime when some friends came over to play one day. They brought dress-up clothes, and to his great delight they had a Buzz Lightyear costume!!!