Saturday, January 14, 2012


David attended a conference in Nashville last week and the boys and I tagged along. It was a great trip! It's a 6 hour drive, the boys did great and it was so good to be able to at least see David in the mornings and evenings. The following posts are of some of our adventures in Nashville. The first thing we did was hit the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Rascal Flatts outfits...

Costume designing...
Elvis Presley's gold-plated piano
and Cadillac--40 coats of crushed diamonds and fish scales.
Chet Atkin's guitars

Attack of the killer squirrels!

We spent an afternoon at a park (they have a full scale replica of the Parthenon!) and had a great time. We started to have a picnic lunch and all of the sudden we were surrounded by 5 aggressive squirrels! One of them ran on the picnic table right up to Benjamin's food and stole a chip. Inches from Benjamin! When I tried to scare them off they just braced themselves like they were going to jump at me. One of them got a box of Cheezits and opened it! We finally had to leave because these squirrels wouldn't leave us alone. It was crazy--and definitely a funny memory.

Gaylord Opryland Resort

The resort/conference center that David was at during the day was just a 10 minute walk from our hotel. The boys and I walked him over and explored this enormous, extravagant, beautiful place. There were two enormous atriums, full of beautiful plants and colors. I really loved the poinsettias. One of the atriums was three levels - with waterfalls, restaurants, shops, and a river that you could take a boat ride on. Seriously amazing.

Hotel Pictures

The major requirements for the hotel were a swimming pool and good breakfast. We ate a delicious breakfast and swam every day. : ) The picture by the Dukes of Hazard car was taken outside of a museum right next to our hotel.

Isn't this the most angelic picture of Benjamin? (We slept well, too.)

Nashville Zoo

We had a WONDERFUL time at the Nashville Zoo (once we got there-we spent the morning at Walmart getting a tire patched). We saw more zoo employees than other people, we felt like we had the zoo to ourselves. The animals were liking the weather, they were very active. It was just great. For Papa and Grammie B, we saw Caiman, Alpaca, and an anaconda and made sure to talk about Peru! : )

Beautiful View....

I love the view out of our dining room window, and these pictures show why. The brick farm home across the street was built in the 1830' or 40's. It's lovely, there was a beautiful sunrise this morning.