Sunday, May 22, 2011

"My mom says..."

I am learning that Benjamin's babysitters need to be warned...he feels that he can get away with anything by prefacing it with "My mom says..."

Quite a while ago he told the babysitter as she was tucking him in "My mom says that I can leave the light on for seven minutes." Not true, but sounds reasonable.

Last night David and I had a fun date. (We actually got to go the the "modest prom" being sponsored by the two Dayton stakes--it was a great time.) A family in the ward watched them and here are a few of Benjamin's lines:

"My mom doesn't want me to lay down."

"My mom wants me to watch two movies."

And my personal favorite...(When asked if he wanted to read a scripture) "My mom doesn't want me to learn how to read."
Of course I don't. Reading is highly overrated. : )

Funny, but wrong. : ) We are having some good discussions about honesty. : )