Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Red Knapsack

Benjamin tied a red bandana, with some food in it, onto a stick and he and Hunter headed out for an adventure.  Have NO idea where he got the red knapsack idea, a book or something?

December pictures around the house...

Benjamin Basketball

A few pictures of Benjamin playing basketball at the YMCA-November and December.  David helped coach and it was fun...

Ben's Photo Shoot with Hunter

Okay, so I'm very backed up.  I'm not going to think too hard about it, I'm just going to start getting some pictures on here this week.  SOOO, family-enjoy.  This is back in the beginning of December when Benjamin just decided to do a photo shoot with Hunter and all of the balls he could find.  This just makes me giggle so much.  Hunter is SUCH a good sport, isn't he?  I didn't know Benjamin did this until after the fact--he did a pretty good job!  : )