Sunday, July 26, 2009

4th of July in Soda Springs and Grace

I grew up in Soda Springs, Idaho, and my sister lives just 15 minutes away from there. After Glen's wedding we drove to Grace and we got to spend the 4th of July in Soda Springs. The morning started with a fabulous parade, a Soda Springs tradition, which basically consists of a lot of people throwing candy to the kids. Benjamin learned early on that, if you just smile and wave, your charms will get you an extra large heap of candy tossed in your direction. It was SOOO fun to watch him. Then we went to the park, where festivities are going on for a lot of the day. We got to see some great friends and I absolutely LOVE that hometown feeling. Soda Springs was THE best place to grow up and visiting there does wonders for my spirit. We had a fun barbecue at the Johnson's house (my sister's family) and enjoyed a great fireworks show.

Benjamin and cousins are ready for the parade!

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Sidra said...

Scott's sister's husband's parents live in Grace during the summer and so I think that Scott's sister's family might have been there at the same time (they go every year). You probably saw them, I've been to Grace and there aren't that many people... How Fun!