Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trip To Dallas

In January we got to go on a trip to Dallas with David (he just happened to attend a conference there.  It was wonderful!!!  Here are some of the great reasons to go to Dallas...

(Of course, all that fun can really wear a guy out...)

I served as a missionary in Dallas over 10 years ago!!!  My companion and I taught the gospel to a couple, Germain and Lydia Madrid.  They were not married at the time, and we were able to help them get married and then baptized...

 Eileen was a little one year old girl, and the cutest flower girl ever!

WELL, here they are today!!!  Eileen is 13 now and they also have two boys.  They are a happy family and living the gospel.  It was the BEST THING EVER to see them.  LOTS of joy for me!

 Hunter's sense of style--we went to a museum and he wanted to wear a tie.   : )  Makes me smile.

My sisters!  Katie lives in Dallas and Laura came from Idaho to spend a couple of days with us.  
I love my sister!

And, once again....COUSINS!

AND we got to spend some time with Stephen and Shara (David's brother and wife).  We were there when they found out the little girl they were expecting is actually a little boy.  : )  We're excited to meet a new Blunck boy in a few months.  : )


Unknown said...

hunter fell asleep on the table!!!! so funny.

Alison said...

Oh, so glad you are doing well! We miss you guys!