Monday, February 7, 2011

Benjamin's New Talent--Taking pictures of Hunter

Apparently one of Benjamin's jobs as a big brother is to have photo shoots with Hunter. I downloaded photos today and over half of the pictures had been taken by Benjamin, mostly of Hunter. Here are a few of his shots, he even got himself once. I took the last picture of Benjamin, which I love because it's so him.


Janeece, Dusty, Karl, Phillip, Rita, Hazel, and Sonora said...

We love the pictures and especially love Benjamin's personality. Boy do we will you guys!

Blunck said...

What can I say other than we have the cutest grandsons in the world. Hunter is such a little man now. He couldn't get much cuter. We know Benjaman keeps life exciting, he actually did a grest job taking pictures. We love you guys.

Katie said...

That's hilarious. I can't believe he got Hunter to smile for all those. Those are actually some pretty good pictures!