Monday, September 13, 2010

What do I do?

Okay, you know all of those nice children's books about community helpers? Where the firemen are helping somebody get a cat out of the tree? Not true. As we speak our little kitty, that was here when we moved in, is stuck up HIGH in a tree (I'm not good as estimating how high, but higher than our house). I tried to climb up to it, but failed. SO, I resorted to calling the fire department. They probably wanted to laugh at me but kindly informed me that that can't do things like that for liability purposes. Hmmm. SOOO, the poor baby is stuck. The real reason this is especially sad is that the poor thing was hit by a car last night. It survived that with a minor wound, but seems to be okay other than that. So this morning the neigbor's dogs came into our yard and it flew up the tree. So I will wait, like they told me to. I don't know what else to do but blog. It's too early in Idaho to call my sister.
UPDATE: The cat finally fell out of the tree. Second traumatic experience within 24 hours. The poor thing!


jessica said...

Okay, you're too funny! I'm mostly shocked that the whole fireman saving a cat thing is just ma myth!

Brianna Scott said...

Poor kitty!

Katie said...

And now I have already found out something from your blog that we have in common that I didn't know. We adopted our oldest son, Noah.

Interestingly, we used to have another Blunk (I think they were only "k" and not "ck") family in the ward that adopted, too.