Sunday, March 1, 2009

So, I just want to record some of the funny things that Benjamin has been doing lately. Okay, some of the things are just plain mischevious, too.

1) This morning he wanted to play with a small container of playdough. He got it for Christmas from Santa, who made an appearance at a party that we went to. Well, we haven't discussed where this came from ever, so I was shocked when he started to play with it and said, "Thank you, Santa."

2) This past week he locked himself in his room as he was just playing with the lock, I guess. So, I tried to pick the lock to no avail. Benjamin just stood on the other side of the door talking to me, "What doing, mom?" and "Hold me, mom." So, although I was about ready to break the door down, I decided to stay calm and just take the doorknob off. After a total of about 10 minutes I got to him. We'll likely just turn the lock around so it's on the outside.

3) I'm now babysitting a 7 week old baby, Eli. Benjamin is really good with him and prays for "Ali" at night now. One day Eli was crying and Benjamin was saying, "Shhh, Ali. Screaming outside." Hmmm. I'm glad to know that he really does understand that concept.

4) It's fun to watch his understanding of differenct concepts develop. For example, we were playing with his basketball hoop. We would both shoot a basketball and he would pick them both up and come to me saying, "Choose." Well, just to see what would happen I would always choose the ball I knew he wanted. He would give me the other ball anyway. Well, we need to work on the fact that when you give someone a choice you need to be ready to follow through. : )

5) Benjamin has become downright argumentative at times. For example, if I start to sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" he always insists that it's twinkle heart. The other day we were taking cookies to a neighbor. I told him who the plate of cookies was for and he said, "No, Ben's cookies."


Brianna Scott said...

Isn't it fun teaching kids. They are so funny....and they do know things, even tough it sometimes doesn't seem like they do.

Bennion Corner said...

Thanks for sharing your stories. I cannot believe how big Ben and Karl have become. They are such cute boys. We'll arrange a meeting with them and Laralie after their missions (just kidding). My favorite story was that screaming belongs outside. That was really cute. Good job on staying calm when he locking himself in his room. I hope I am just as clam when Laralei does stuff like that!