Thursday, July 31, 2008

Benjamin's Language

So here is a bit of translation help for anybody that is fortunate enough to spend some time with little Benjamin:

watee: water (I need a drink)
chank choo: thank you
peas: please
uh-oh: I just threw something on the floor. (probably food)
ballee: I want that ball that I see.
papaw: grandpa, or grandma-it works for both : )
hot: (hand held out toward object) that is dangerous--works for fire, cacti, ocean, whatever
stuck: I'm in my car seat and I want out.
owee: I'm hurt.
baby: any living thing smaller than Benjamin (worked for flies, ants, and babies)
men: amen

Actually, he's starting to say many more words and mimic sounds pretty well, I just want to make sure we remember some of the funny things he's done as he has started to talk.


Katie said...

Sheri - I love that you started a blog, I am so proud of you! I finally get to see what little Benjamin looks like! He's a doll. Can't wait to hear more and mnore about your little family.

Sharene said...

Hey Sheri! Thanks for sending the link of your blog to Mike. Do you have ours? It is

Come and see our cute girl. We would have loved to see you. Maybe next time! Your little one is so cute. I love the little things he is saying! How sweet.

Danae said...

Hi Sheri! I had so much fun playing with Benjamin when you were here - I'm glad you have a blog so I can keep up to date with him! He is so cute - show him a picture of "Auntie Danae" so he will remember we are friends! I have a cute picture of him climbing a tree - I'll have to send it to you!